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DJI Avata - Flying category

DJI Avata, μαθήματα drone από τη Makdrone Academy

DJI has released a new small fpv drone, the Avata. But how can it fly legally under EU regulations?

As a "legacy" drone with an MTOM of around 410g, i.e. no class, it can currently be flown according to the Open A1 rules.

That is:

  1. Pilot with valid A1/A3 certificate..

  2. VLOS mode. Using the FPV goggles, an observer should be present to assist with situational awareness.

  3. Maximum altitude 120m above the ground, unless stated otherwise.

  4. Expectation not to fly over uninvolved people.

  5. Not over gatherings of people.

  6. Operation in airspace and/or geographic zones where Open Category operations are permitted.

If it gets class certified, it will be C1. If this does not happen, then it will only fly in A3 mode from 01/01/2024, which means a distance of 150m from residences.

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