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Aviation Services

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Risk Analysis with SORA

The methodologySORA(Specific Operations Risk Assessment)  is a proposed methodology for performing risk analyzes of SMI operations in the "Special", category,


  • To Beneficiaries: Risk Analysis based on the SORA methodology in every possible scenario

  • To manufacturers: Drone certification support

  • Risk Analysis Courses based on the SORA methodology

Compliance with Regulations

The continuous technological progress in the field of drones allows for the continuous exploration of new scenarios and uses, however, creating legal difficulties in updating the regulations. Knowledge of the relevant regulations is a prerequisite for identifying potential applications and their feasibility.


  • Analyzes of regulations and licensing procedures for drone operations

  • Identification of ground and airspace hazards associated with the operating area (identification of prohibited and special zones).

  • Analysis of the impact of the introduction of new regulations (eg EASA regulatory framework) on operations.

Specific Category

We offer technical and administrative support to operators for the preparation and submission to APA of all the documents required to operate a drone in the Special Category:

  • Standard Scenario (STS)

  • PDRA

  • Business outside STS\PDRA

  • In Controlled Space and Special Areas (P,R,D)

Organization and Procedures

In order to operate safely and effectively with a drone, it is imperative that your company has a well-defined organizational structure, as well as the necessary procedures to handle every phase of operation, from planning to execution and effective management of data collected.


  • Support for the development of the Operations Manual

  • Courses for drone operators on roles and responsibilities

  • Courses on defining business processes

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