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Practical Training for Recreational or Professional Pilots

Hands-on training allows both new and existing UAS operators to develop their flying skills This course ensures that pilots are able to fly safely and competently.

In summary it includes:

  • the preparation  for flight planning before going to the field,

  • the Site Assessment,

  • Site Securance,

  • (Situational Awareness)

  • Checklists

You will get the tools that will help you to automate the way you work and to be able to continue your improvement without depending on us.

Your instructor will also take the time to answer all your questions or clarify any questions you may have about practical commercial flying.

Training takes place in controlled country, away from people or buildings. 

EASA A2 πρακτική εκπαίδευση

Practical training for Beginners  A2

The training program fully covers the training requirements for those with little or no flying experience.

  • 1:1 training with an experienced instructor

  • Training with our drone or bring your own if you wish

  • Training in the field

  • Certificate of practical training (upon request)

  • Support after training


drone-adam-1080 (1).jpg

Practical training for Professionals

The training program is aimed at professional operators and companies

  • Mission Planning.Use software to create a flight plan, geofencing.

  • Air Risk.Airspace Considerations. Airspace identification, flight plan creation, licensing process in restricted areas. 

  • Ground Risk.Terrain. Recognition of the environment and the area. Altitude calculation of flight. Calculation of obstacles between RC and Drone.

  • Weather conditions. Using Tools, TAF, Metar

  • CRM.Team preparation

  • Flight duration calculation (batteries-fuel)

  • Use Checklist.(Before, during, after the flight)

  • Flight Logging.Registration procedures

  • Privacy.Procedures for compliance with the personal data regulation. DPIA.

  • Site Assessment. Procedures for flight site assessment, obstacle identification and compliance with EASA regulation


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your practical training!

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